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Neptune Pool | WF
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Ponte dei Sospiri | Photographer
This bridge in Venice (Region in Northern Venice) is above the Rio Di Palazzo and is made of limestone. The bridge connects the interrogation room to the prison. The name is given because convicted prisons would sigh as they crossed the bridge and saw their last view of beautiful Venice before their imprisonment, 
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capitalism is slavery
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Provate a darmi torto.
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Oct. 30:A cat sleeps next to a Kalashnikov rifle at a Hamas checkpoint in Gaza City, Gaza Strip.(Photo: Bernat Armangue, Associated Press)
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Heaven by Marcelo Vieira
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'Yes, Dante, they can crucify our bodies today as they are doing, but they cannot destroy our ideas, that will remain for the youth of the future to come.'The Italian Anarchist, Nicola Sacco in his last letter to the son before he was murdered by the justice of the United States of America, on the 23th August 1927.